Calmly - Christmas Hackathon Project

Hello everyone ! I got motivated to build something useful the moment i saw hashnode's #ChristmasHackathon post. I've always been interested to build web apps related to mental health. So i present you Calmly - A Simple Relaxation App. It's a PWA based on 4-7-8 breathing technique. This breathing technique can help you drastically reduce your stress and anxiety levels. If you find this app useful please share it.


Calmly -

Video Demo

Happy Coding !

Hemant Joshi's photo

Hey, can you tell me how you added a youtube link to your markdown?

Geeky Chakri's photo

Hi ! Follow the embed syntax.

% [youtube link]

This works for other embeds too. Eg: Tweets, Codepen, Gist etc.

Note - Remove the space between % and [ ]

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It's awesome! What tech stack did you use for it.

Geeky Chakri's photo

Thanks ! Just plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Congratulations: you built a cool and very useful app! Thanks for sharing :)