Introducing Flow 2.0

Introducing Flow 2.0

Jun 25, 2021ยท

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Hello beautiful people. I'm super excited to introduce Flow 2.0, a complete redesign and rebuild of my web app with some amazing new features.

Flow is one of my favourite projects that i have built. It's a minimalist productivity app. Thanks to Vercel and Hashnode. Without the hackathon on hashnode, Flow would not have been built.

My inspiration for building this app was to create a productivity app of my own. Flow was initially built with vanilla HTML, CSS and JS. To me, it always seemed like it would be better as a full-stack web app. But somewhere along the line, my interest dropped in developing flow as a full-stack web app. Well, the announcement of Hashnode + HarperDB Hackathon has re-motivated me and I've decided to build flow from scratch and make it a full-stack web app. A big shout out to Hashnode and HarperDB for hosting this hackathon.

Now let's get into Flow 2.0 -

Flow 2.0 features a variety of productivity tools that allow you to focus and relax.

Flow 2.0 -

Link to the repo - Flow

Ambient Sounds

Mood enhancing ambient sounds.


Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro timer to boost your productivity.


Todo List

Organize your tasks with a todo list.



Manage time and become more productive.



Minimal and easy note taking.


Lo-fi Radio

Chill out and get more done.


Flow 2.0 is a fully responsive web app and supports native dark mode.



Tech Stack

  • NextJS

  • HarperDB

  • Auth0

  • Framer Motion

  • Vercel - Hosting

I found these articles and videos helpful in understanding the tech I used to build this web app. Special thanks to these amazing creators.

Once again, I thank Hashnode and HarperDB for hosting this hackathon and motivating me.

Thank you for reading the article, and I hope you enjoy the app. I would appreciate your feedback in the comments section. Until then, stay safe and happy.

Happy Coding ๐Ÿš€