Introducing Flow - The Minimalist Productivity App

Introducing Flow - The Minimalist Productivity App

Feb 5, 2021ยท

2 min read

Hello beautiful people ! Firstly thanks to hashnode for hosting back to back awesome hackathons and motivating developers to create something cool and useful. Productivity is something we all crave but with constant distractions and limited time it can seem impossible. There are lot of productivity apps out there but i always wanted to build my own productivity app. So i have decided to build a productivity app for this hackathon.

The idea was to create a minimal productivity web app. After a lot of thinking of which tech stack to choose i decided to go with good old vanilla stack HTML, CSS and JS.

The app offer a variety of productivity tools to help you focus, relax and inspire.

  • Sounds - Ambient sounds to set the right mood.

  • Pomodoro Timer - Manage distractions and control your time.

  • To Don't List - ToDo list is everywhere. Have you seen To Don't list ?

"The most important decisions you make are not the things you do โ€” but the things that you decide not to do." - Steve Jobs

  • Random Activity Generator - Random activities to overcome your boredom.

  • Quotes - Quotes to inspire you.

"A really great talent finds its happiness in execution." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Flow is a responsive PWA and supports native dark mode as well.



Get into flow now -

Flow -

Demo video

I learnt a lot from building this app. I strongly encourage you all to build something on your own.

Thank you for reading the article, hope you all like the app. Please let me know your feedback in the comments section. Till then, be happy and stay safe.

Happy Coding ๐Ÿš€