Introducing miniCodeCamp - A free online mini coding bootcamp

Introducing miniCodeCamp - A free online mini coding bootcamp

Jul 30, 2021ยท

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Hello, beautiful people. I am super excited to introduce miniCodeCamp, a free online mini coding bootcamp for beginners.

First of all thanks to hashnode and Clerk for hosting this hackathon.

The hackathon was so exciting even Jim Carrey was excited to participate. Check out the tweet below.


The world of modern web development is vast. With so much to learn, it's easy to understand why beginners can get so overwhelmed. Having seen people give up before they even begin, I wanted to create something helpful for beginners. In general, most beginners prefer to watch videos when learning to code, so I came up with the idea of creating a beginner-friendly, YouTube-based mini coding bootcamp to make learning with YouTube more motivating and exciting.

miniCodeCamp Walkthrough

miniCodeCamp -

Link to the repo -

Here's a quick video demo of miniCodeCamp.

Sign in with your GitHub account.


To begin the course, click on the Start Course button.


Watch and code along as you go.


Check out the resources mentioned and take the fun little quiz after you have completed the course.


You can track your completed courses on your dashboard.


To ensure your name appears correctly on the certificate of completion, please visit the account page and set your first name and last name.


Complete all the courses and unlock your certificate of completion.



miniCodeCamp is a fully responsive web app.



Tech Stack

  • NextJS

  • Clerk

  • MongoDB

  • Vercel

Below is a list of the YouTube channels of the video courses featured in this project. It's a pleasure to thank these creators for producing such great content.




Hong Ly

Anson the Developer

Tech With Tim

Laith Harb

The goal of this project is to make learning fun and inviting and to encourage beginners to gain a comfortable and easy introduction to web development. Again, thanks to hashnode and Clerk for hosting this awesome hackathon and motivating me to create something useful.

Thank you for reading the article. Please let me know your feedback in the comments section. Till then, be happy and stay safe.

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