Introducing Pocket Feed - The one-stop shop for content you love

Introducing Pocket Feed - The one-stop shop for content you love

Aug 31, 2021ยท

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Hello, beautiful people. I'm very happy and excited to introduce Pocket Feed, the one stop shop for content you love.

Let me first say a big thank you to Hashnode and Auth0 for hosting this hackathon.

The Story Behind Pocket Feed

I've been practising digital minimalism for some time now. Some days, I even refrain from using the Internet altogether. In my quest for digital minimalism, I often missed out on the content I truly enjoy, which sometimes made me break the digital minimalism rules and spend hours surfing the web. You all know how distracting and noisy the internet can be.

As I searched for solutions to this situation, I found few digital tools to assist in the process. However, the satisfaction you get when you make your own solution is unbeatable. So I decided to create my own app to stay up to date with the content and people that interest me without being distracted or spending more time.

Pocket Feed Walkthrough

Try Pocket Feed -

Link to the repo -

Watch this short video to see how Pocket Feed works.

Sign-up/Login using your GitHub account. More social login options will be integrated soon. 1.png

Click on Add a feed button. 2.png

Enter a URL you would like to add and select the right category. Then click on Continue. 3.png

To add a feed to selected category list, click on the Add button.


To view the latest content, click the card.


Click on a post to view it. 6.png

You can also add Twitter accounts, subreddits, YouTube channels, and any site that offers an RSS/Atom feed.

Twitter tweets.png

Podcast podcast.png



Enjoy all your favourite content on any device and in dark mode as well.

pocket-feed-responsive.png dark-mode.png

Tech Stack

  • NextJS

  • Auth0

  • MongoDB

  • Framer Motion

  • Vercel

With Pocket Feed, you can now consume your favourite content at one place without being distracted. I truly recommend to give digital minimalism a try.

Thank you for reading the article, hope you all like the app. Please let me know your feedback in the comments section. Till then, be happy and stay safe.

Happy Coding ๐Ÿš€