Mindful - Mindfulness For Better You

Mindful - Mindfulness For Better You

Hello beautiful people ! It's raining hackathons at hashnode. A big thank you to hashnode for hosting these wonderful hackathons. Mindfulness can help us to increase our ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and help you feel calmer and more confident. There are so many free and paid apps available out there promising to help you learn about mindfulness. But there’s an feeling of immense satisfaction with using an app you built. So i decided to built my own minimal mindfulness app.

The idea was quite simple. Create a minimal mindfulness app using curated videos from YouTube. YouTube is my go to place to relax and practice mindfulness. There's so much of useful stuff available on YouTube for free. Thanks to all the YouTube content creators. But YouTube can be very distracting with its home feed and recommendations. So i built this minimalist and distraction free app. The tech stack i chose to build this project is none other than the iconic trio HTML, CSS and JS.

mindful app offers guided meditations, lofi beats, mindfulness talks and more.

  • Meditation - Guided meditation videos for self care.

  • LoFi - Lofi beats to help you relax.

  • Talks - Mindfulness talks to inspire you.

  • Affirmations - Positive affirmations to become your better self.

  • Wellness Tips - Wellness tips for happy and healthy living.

mindful is a responsive PWA and supports native dark mode too.



Be Mindful -

Link to the app - Mindful

Video Demo

Thanks for reading the article, hope you find this app useful. Please let me know your feedback in the comments section. Till then, be happy and stay safe.

Happy Coding 🚀